Welcome to Darknet Sites.

I can provide you with your own website on the darknet.

Get a simple wordpress blog or website, this includes setting up the server, installing wordpress and the theme of your choice. (If the theme is not free then you will need to buy a copy)

If you want a bitcoin eCommerce shop, I can install wordpress with the woocommerce plugin, Bitcoin-payment plugin and a shop theme, start selling your products today.

Why use wordpress instead of a custom css/html site?

  1. It takes a lot less time to setup so it costs a lot less
  2. There are so many wordpress themes you can get any layout you want anyway
  3. Because it is wordpress you can log in and add pages/ change colours/ add new products yourself at any time.

For a more endeavoring business man I can set up a dedicated server and install tor, Bitwasp and set up security, creating you your very own darknet market like the original silkroad.

Adverts are also availale, for your new site or your existing one.

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